About Us


“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.”

—Harry S. Truman

What We Do

Clickplay sportsgame corp is an information technology company that is dedicated to the development of websites that complement the global enrichment of electronic sports, sports, and its community.

The company’s core team is composed of directors who are devoted to the rise of electronic sports, sports, and IT professionals that are highly adept and experienced in their field; and electronic sports and sports community experts who make sure that company projects are in line with the current e-sports and sports community trends and fads.

Our Vision

To be an industry leader when it comes to the development of electronic sports and sports related websites.

Our Mission

To ensure progressive evolution of the gaming experiences of electronic sports and sports fanatics and to give every gamer an extra shot of adrenaline, by developing websites based on out of the box ideas that are related to current community trends.


“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

—Steve Jobs

Our Values

Know more about our office culture through our company values.

Care Deeply

  • Take time to be present
  • Be there for our colleagues

Level Up

  • Cultivate curiousity
  • Learn by doing
  • Navigate through ambiguity
  • Go the extra mile

Lead Together

  • Be open and accessible
  • Speak up
  • Inspire through action


Clickplay Sportsgame Corp stays relevant in the industry by using tools which would guarantee efficiceny and the best results.


We’re hiring.

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Hiring Process

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Candidates for the positions available may have greater chance on a favorable outcome when their credentials, expertise and skills match the qualifications required in the position they are applying for.




Applications made by candidates were carefully and diligently reviewed by professionals to find the right candidates on our job vacancies.




Gauging the skills and knowledge of a candidate is strongly essential in order to know how well they can perform their responsibilities.




Interviews intend to know more about the candidates and to assure we employ people who will grow, develop and contribute to the organization’s success. Procedures will be followed in terms of interviewing such as; phone interview, technical presentation and final interview.




If selected upon careful deliberation, Human Resources Personnel will contact the candidate as soon as possible for the proposed offer. Candidates must keep in touch with the HR Personnel for negotiations if there are any.




Once the offer was signed by the candidate and requirements were complied, the candidate for the position will be deployed and will be guided by the awesome teams in the company!

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